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Strategic Land Promotion

Dean Lewis Estates is a professional strategic land promotion business. We work directly on behalf of landowners to optimise the value of their land assets by obtaining planning consent for residential development.

We take all of the financial risk in return for a percentage share of the disposal value.

Our business sources land opportunities across the UK. We carry out the entire planning application and land disposal process on behalf of our landowner partners.

We are highly experienced and adept at working collaboratively with the professional officers of local council’s and local communities to achieve planning approval for our schemes.

Site Criteria

Sites of 5 to 50 acres or more adjacent to or near to communities with a population of 3,000 and above

Typical settlement facilities are likely to include;

Other community facilities may include:

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Working in partnership with our landowners

A ‘Promotion Agreement’ between Dean Lewis Estates and our landowner partner will define our undertakings to you as landowner.

Three clear steps are defined;

The Planning Strategy

How we will navigate the planning process on your behalf

The Marketing Strategy

Having secured Planning Permission the best approach to attract potential purchasers

Land Sale Strategy

Dean Lewis Estates will secure the optimum value for the site.

In return for securing planning permission and consequently achieving an enhanced land value, Dean Lewis Estates will take an agreed percentage of the eventual sale proceeds.

Why partner with Dean Lewis Estates

As a niche strategic land promotion business Dean Lewis Estates is a highly professional team totally focused on winning.

We work in close partnership with a range of specialist companies, planning professional and barristers to effectively navigate the complexities of the UK planning system.

We fund the entire planning application and land sale process.

We are well funded, make decisions quickly and only get paid once a site is sold with planning permission.

We are highly motivated to achieve our mutual goal.