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The Planning System

The Nation's Housing Need

The Governments House of Commons Library Briefing Paper 'Planning for Housing' published 02 June 2015 sets out the Governments post-election position on the Uk Housing Crisis.

"It is generally accepted that not enough new homes are being built to meet growing need. Housing projections up to 2037 were published in February 2015 which indicated that over the period from 2012 to 2022, annual average household growth is projected as 220,000 per year.

This exceeds the number of homes added to the dwelling stock in recent years by a considerable margin – in the 12 months ending September 2014, 117,070 houses were completed.

The new Government aims to increase housing supply and access to home ownership. A number of policies to boost housing supply were set out in the Conservative Party 2015 Manifesto and a Housing Bill has now been announced in the Queen’s Speech, to be introduced in this Parliamentary session."

Chancellor George Osborne pledges to tackle housing crisis by streamlining planning laws in efforts to build more houses;

"Britain has been incapable of building enough homes. The reforms we made to the planning system in the last parliament have started to improve the situation: planning permissions and housing starts are at a seven-year high.

But we need to go further and I am not prepared to stand by when people who want to get on the housing ladder can’t do so. We’ll keep on protecting the green belt, but these latest planning reforms are a vital part of a comprehensive plan to confront the challenge of our lifetime and raise productivity and living standards."

Housing Delivery

Local planning authorities are required to address the housing needs of their population, now and in the future. They must assess the amount and type of housing needed to provide for their communities over a given plan period, usually fifteen years.

To meet this housing need the local authority has duty to identify and maintain a rolling supply of identified sites to provide at least a five year supply of housing land, plus a 5% buffer. Where there is evidence of persistent under delivery of new homes, a 20% buffer will apply.

Housing Development
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What the Experts Say

Housebuilder reaction to PM's Starter Homes announcement:

Stewart Baseley, executive chairman of the Home Builders Federation said;

"We welcome the Government's plans to deliver on its pledge to improve home ownership opportunities for young people. Over the past 25 years, as building new homes has become ever more costly and complex, output has fallen and the housing ladder has slipped further out of reach for many. Greater flexibility in the way affordable housing is provided should not only speed up the process of securing an implementable planning permission but also make more sites viable for new housing. This will in turn increase availability of homes of all types and help address the chronic shortage that has been allowed to develop. House builders are committed to delivering high quality, low-cost homes for a new generation of first-time buyers, if the policy environment allows them to."

Understanding the needs of Communities

Dean Lewis Estates schemes create sustainable residential developments providing new homes and community assets for the enjoyment of future generations.

Public consultation provides Dean Lewis Estates with an effective way for us to engage with communities and other stakeholders. This enables us to gain a thorough understanding of the community’s needs and aspirations whilst also affording us the opportunity to explain the facts about our proposed development.

Our professional objective is to secure planning permission, working closely with local communities and their representatives.